New Exit Route at Frank Brown Park Coming Soon

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PANAMA CITY BEACH-- Frank Brown Park guests sometimes get fed up with traffic when exiting onto Panama City Beach Parkway.

"I think we need a traffic light. Because we will be here 30 minutes trying to make a left," said Joseph Nash, Visitor.

"I think it would help to put a light," said Tim Ezekiel, Visitor.

Panama City Beach officials are hoping to change the exit route, to the one they utilize during large events.

"We don't allow anyone to go east bound out of what is called Mandy Lane which is the main entrance into Frank Brown Park. It forces everyone to go through the internal road of Frank Brown Park to pier park drive," said Mario Gisbert, Panama City Beach City Manager.

Hundreds enjoy the park from the baseball fields, tennis courts, to the swimming pools.

But officials say leaving the park can be dangerous.

"You're crossing three lanes of traffic moving 45 miles an hour. It's not a safe movement," said Gisbert.

"One of our city council members was involved in an accident coming out of frank brown park and fortunately was not injured seriously, but there are number of accidents there each year," said Gayle Oberst, Panama City Beach Mayor.

Officials say visitors will still be able to enter the park on Mandy Lane, but when leaving on Mandy Lane you will only be able to make a right onto Panama City Beach Parkway.

Officials anticipate the new route to go into effect in the next couple weeks.

Before the project gets underway, officials will run the idea through the Bay County traffic office to see if there may be more changes they should consider.