New Freeport City Council Members Take Seats

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Thursday the city council of Freeport held its first meeting with its newly sworn in members.

"It feels good. I'm glad it's finally here and that we got sworn in and that it is, this part of it is over and now we can get down to business and get the things accomplished that we want to get done" said Council Woman Jennifer Laird.

"Well I will have to admit to you that today was a little nerve racking for me. But we have so many ideas to help the city of Freeport and to help the citizens that it was really exciting for me to be able to conduct tonight's meeting" said Freeport Mayor Russ Barley.

Council members agree it's time to hit the ground running and continue to improve the city of Freeport.

"Well we've got the fire department that we're working with along with the county on our assessments. We're going to look at improving our sewer and our water" said Council Woman Janice Mclean.

"Well one thing I want to do is I want to involve all the citizens of the area to become part of city government to make them feel as though they are a part of it" said Barley.

"I would like to see us expand the city limits. I would like us to consider reduction impact fees. I'd like to see us get more business in" said Council Woman Elizabeth Brannon.

Thursday's meeting only lasted forty minutes but there is already a list of ideas, meetings and reports to get to. Now the only thing left for Freeport’s city government is to lead its residents into the next chapter.
Freeports election saw a record voter turnout that resulted in three incumbents losing their offices, including two men who hadn't had opponents in more than twenty years.