New Giraffe Comes to ZooWorld

On Monday, ZooWorld took delivery of a new baby giraffe. Baby-G, as he's called right now, is a 22 day old baby boy. Despite his young age, he's already a few inches taller than 6 feet.

Although he can stand, he hasn't learned to kneel, lay down, or even bend down to eat. So ZooWorld staffers have to feed him a half gallon of milk four times a day.

The staff is limiting visits until the new giraffe becomes more comfortable around people. But giraffes in-general have a friendly-nature.

"This is one of the animals that people can actually come in contact with and it's a life changer. It changes their life. One of the jobs of the zoo is to introduce animals to people so they can help to save their environment," says Assistant Director Tom Walling.

Baby-G replaces Sydney, which died earlier this year. ZooWorld is already planning to get him some company. The same Virginia zoo that bred him is expecting two new babies. If either is a girl, ZooWorld will get her.

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