New Homes in AD Harris?

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PANAMA CITY - The Pace Foundation has its eye on the AD Harris Learning Village. Company officials want to build a housing facility for senior citizens. "It's going to be a 4 story, 90 unit homes establishment," said Panama City commissioner Kenneth Brown.

Commissioner Brown says he wants to hold a town hall meeting Tuesday evening before discussions go too far. "Don't want anyone left in the dark, no one is trying to sneak nothing in on anyone, it's all out in the open."

Pace Foundation has local experience. It built the somewhat controversial Panama Commons apartments at the corner of East 11th and Sherman Avenue. Renters have been slow to accept Panama Commons, but Brown feels the senior housing development could succeed. "Most of the area of Glenwood is comprised of elderly citizens,” Brown said. “I think it makes up the demographic more than anything else." For those that don't want to give up the school property, brown says it may be time for a change, "it's been there awhile. Some people say it’s nostalgia, they say it's history, which is correct…but we need to move on."

If the city and Pace can agree on the project, Brown says the health clinic will remain on the premises. Tomorrow's town hall will take place at the AD Harris Learning Village auditorium at 6:30 pm.