New Hotel Construction Comes to a Halt

WALTON COUNTY-- For the past few weeks construction on a new property in Inlet Beach has come to a halt.

The area where the work has stopped is right on the corner of Highway 98 and State Route 30A on the east side of Walton County.

Back in March 2013, the Walton County Commissioner approved that real estate development would move forward with the "Inn on the Gulf."

"The developers had gotten that development order for that property, after they got that development order there was some discussion among themselves to do some changes to the architectural drawings, when that happens you obviously don't start development," Walton County Public Information Officer Louis Svehla said. "They then came to the conclusion that they didn't want to do that and go back to their regular plan, and that's where we are now."

At this time construction has still not picked back up.