New Jobs Could be Coming to Jackson County

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Marianna- As many as 20 jobs may be coming to Jackson County through what county officials said was a 'win-win' situation them.

For years the county has wondered what to do with the old Community Development building. Officials say it's too small to continue to house the departments working inside- not to mention it's plagued with problems. For what it would cost to renovate it, the county could build a new building. But with a tight budget - the county had put the issue on the back burner.

But, Southeastern Retail Development out of Atlanta put a bid in on the building and the county accepted it. The company offered 360 thousand dollars for the building which Lakey said could be put toward building a new government facility. Southeastern planned to level the existing structure and re-build. What they would build was still a mystery, but county officials said they had a few ideas.

"I have my suspicions" Jackson County Administrator, Ted Lakey told us. "It may be a drugstore- a nation wide drugstore, it possibly could be a retail- maybe like a Fred's or something like that. But, I'm not certain though."

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