New Parasailing Law

Local parasailing businesses will have new operating rules beginning later this year.

Gov. Rick Scott signed the "White-Miskell Act" today.

The law will require parasailing operators to carry a minimum 1- million dollars in liability insurance.

Have carry a specific list of safety equipment on-board.

And only operate under certain weather conditions.

They would be prohibited from operating when sustained winds are 20 miles an hour or higher, gusts are more than 25 miles an hour, when rain or fog reduces visibility to less than a half mile, or when lightning storms are within seven miles.

The bill is named after 2 people killed in separate parasailing crashes in South Florida.

But support for the proposal really picked-up momentum after this parasailing crash in Panama City Beach.

17-year olds Sidney Good and Alexis Fairchild were parasailing on July 1st as a severe storm front approached.

The tow line tethering the girls to the parasailing boat broke.

The parasailing law will take effect on October 1st of this year.