New Reports Says Cancer Cases will Double

PANAMA CITY -- A new report from the World Health Organization estimating cancer deaths to climb annually from 8.2 million to 13 million, worldwide, by the year 2034. Despite those predictions, u-s experts say education and prevention efforts are responsible for saving more lives.

Experts say new cancer cases will rise from 14 million per year to 22 million per year in that same time period.

In the United States, the risk of dying from cancer has gone down by 20%, but the number of people who actually die from cancer has gone up because of an increased number of cases.

Cancer killed 400,000 in 1990 and 550,000 last year.

"Our numbers may be going up but our medicine is getting better. So the people with cancer will have a higher cure rate. So I don't think that number going up has any bearing on our ability to cure even though the cases are increasing in number," says Dr. John Nanfro of NW Florida Hematology/Oncology.