New Revisions Adopted For Beach Ordinances

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PANAMA CITY BEACH - The Panama city Beach City Council discussed a couple of revised items Thursday night for their Beach Ordinance that will affect beach businesses.

They also discussed the creation of a new advisory board.

The beach took to revamping its beach ordinance to protect its beach-goers, both locals and tourists.

Some were for safety, others were logistical.

The new revisions prevent anyone from digging holes deeper than two feet and bringing industrial size shovels to dig those holes.

Panama City Beach City Manager, Mario Gisbert, says "That's an item that benefits us all year long. We've had several vehicles, police vehicles, code vehicles that have fallen into these holes. If someone's inside one these holes, God forbid we drive over it and fall into that."

The Council also added a provision into the ordinance that allows for the creation of a Water Safety Board.

The board would be comprised of two operators of beach businesses, two owners or operators of a beachfront motel, hotel, or condominium, and a gulf-front resident.

The board would hear cases involving businesses that contest their tickets for violating the ordinance.

Gisbert added, "The businesses and the owners that are on the beach, really know best how these beach services should run because if the beach service isn't running properly, it either benefits or it harms the landward owner."