New Rules for Political Signs

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Panama City Beach council members are hoping to clean up the city's image during elections. They've passed new regulations on political signs.

Council members all agreed that during election season, front lawns tend to get overrun by campaign signs, so new rules were passed to help prevent things from getting out of hand.

The new regulations limit the number of signs residents and business owners can keep on their property as well as how long they can remain up. As it stands residents can have one sign for each candidate on their property as well as one sign for each cause they support.

The signs can be displayed from the day the qualifying period ends to one week after elections occur.

Most city officials believe that the regulations won't hurt newcomers to the political process, saying that the signs can remain up anywhere from 65 to 70 days, also noting the importance of campaigning in neighborhoods by speaking to residents of the area.

The new ordinance will take effect after the current election cycle in about 18 months which gives members of the city council time to iron out any specific details that there may cause confusion.

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