New School Year Changes

BAY COUNTY-- The fast approaching school year is bringing in a lot of changes for Bay County students. School officials are asking parents to start preparing their children before classes start.

They've been sending home instructions on everything from new start times to new standardized testing. In just one week, school buses will be rolling, bringing Bay District School students to another year of classes.

Those busses will roll at different times for middle and high school students. Steve Moss said, "Our transportation department came to us and said, 'listen, if you can tweak some of those school start times, it can make a humungous difference in how efficient we are in regards to transporting those students."

The FCAT is out and the new Florida standards assessments are in. Bill Husfelt said, "Florida has become the expert at student assessments."

District officials hope to eventually move standardizing testing online, using the half cent sales tax to buy more computers. Officials have also put the tax money to good use, reniovating campuses.

As for the students, the environment may change, but the experiences are timeless. For test schedules, start times and more information visit the Bay District website.