New Start Times For Bay County Schools

BAY COUNTY-- Bay District Schools have released the new start and end times for the 2014-2015 school year.
Students may be able to sleep-in an extra fifteen minutes thanks to the new schedule.

As Newschannel 7's Sanika Dange tells us, district officials say it's a reflection of some problems last year.
Bay County School officials are trying to fix a transportation issue that caused drop-off delays last year.

"We ran into some complications last year. We had some kids arrive in school a little bit later than you know, the principals and others would have preferred," said Dr. John Haley, Facilities Executive Director.

After calculating the amount of time it takes to run bus routes, officials want to stagger start times.
Elementary 7:45-am to 2-pm.
Middle 9am to 3:30.
And high school 8:30 to 3.

"Now while all of the schools' start and end times changed this year because of transportation issues last year, there are four schools in particular whose end-times changed after the school grades were released this summer."

"We were already anticipating funding the extra hour for Oscar Patterson Elementary and for Springfield Elementary. It wasn't until school grades came out in mid-June/late-June, that we realized that we were potentially going to have two other schools that were in need of the extra time," said Gena Burgans, Assistant Supt. for Teaching.

Those schools are Oakland Terrace and Lucille Moore.
Elementary schools ranked in the bottom 300 of the state with an "f" grade are required by the state to add in an extra hour of reading time.

Because Oscar Patterson and Springfield are no longer on that list, Bay County School District Officials cut their reading hour to a reading half-hour to help fund the other two schools.

But that will still cost the district more than $835,000 next year, compared to the $471,000 this past year.
In Bay County, Sanika Dange, Newschannel 7.

The state only covers 25% of the funding it requires to run an extra hour of instructional time.
The district will cover the rest of the cost with general revenue.