New Technology Finds Lung Cancer Tumors Earlier

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PANAMA CITY - Carol Forehand had a cancer scare several months back. Bay Medical Sacred Heart technicians were performing a CT scan in-advance of a heart procedure, when they found a tumor in Forehand's lung.

What she didn't know is that she would be one of the first patients to be diagnosed with a new lung cancer detection system.

"The hospital was on top of some new technology and that made me feel very confident," said Forehand.

It's called the Veran Spin Drive System. Bay Medical Sacred Heart officially unveiled the new $200,000 technology Wednesday morning.

"The approach is to try and identify these patients at stage 1 instead of identifying them late at stage 3 or 4," said Dr. Reed Finney, a Cardiothoracic Surgeon.

Doctors place sensors on your body and then perform a CT scan to create a path for the system.

It then acts as a GPS system to find lung cancer tumors as early as stage 1.

"This procedure enabled them to really pinpoint and to really get to it so quickly. I'm going to be one of those 80% survivors," said Forehand.

In Forehand's case the Veran Spin Drive System detected a cancerous tumor in Forehand, even though she never showed any symptoms of lung cancer.

Doctors wound up removing one of her lungs. She says she's glad doctors caught it.

"I just live everyday to its fullest and enjoy the little things in life, take care of my husband, enjoy life. Just enjoy life," said Forehand.

There haven't been any technology advancements for treating lung cancer in decades, but doctors hope this one will help drastically reduce the number of deaths attributed to the leading type of fatal cancer in America.

Bay Medical officials say they'll be setting up screenings later this month for those who may be at risk.