New Texting And Driving Bill Begins Development

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Several committees will spend the beginning of next year assessing two new texting and driving bills aimed at keeping Florida drivers safe.

"Well I believe that part of the reason that they came up with this idea is their concerned about folks driving all over the road as they're trying to text, the distraction" said State Senator Greg Evers.

Senators Nancy Detert and Maria Sachs are leading the bills in hopes of gaining support. Criminal justice chair senator Greg Evers says the bills will need to cover a variety of areas including the use of hands free devices.

"Actually at this point in time I’m for reading the bills and coming up with the proper language. If the language can be modified to where i don't feel that we're overstepping the bounds in the senate then i possibly could support the bill" said Evers.

Senator Evers says the two bills will go through several work committees including his own.

"Each bill will be heard separately in the committees and at some point they may be combined. It just depends on the senate body and how they feel about the bills."

If the bills have a workable draft and there is enough support they will then go in front of the next legislative session in March. Senator Evers says there's much work to be done and it's still too early to have many details on what the bills could include. There are several similar bills proposed in the house. Both the house and senate would have to pass identical versions of the same bill.

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