New Vehicle Fire Simulator Helps Train Walton County Fire Rescue

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WALTON COUNTY-- The county bought this vehicle fire simulator with 2011 grant money from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA.

The department has recently been conducting a number of training exercises with the simulator.

Fire officials say it can create realistic conditions gives firefighters will actually face.

Trainers can set off a fire on any section of the vehicle, including the tires, passenger compartment, or the entire car.

"It is a lot cheaper to train on a simulator than setting actual cars on fire and those sorts of things,” said Louis Svehla, Public Information Officer for Walton County. “And with this there is a controlled situation, so you can make sure of the safety of everyone training--whether it is the operator or those fighting the fires."

Walton Fire Officials also say they're willing to share with any other fire district or departments that would like to use the simulator for training their firefighters.