New Walton County Administrator Ready For The Job

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A former Marine, college professor and now full time County administrator Bob Halfhill has done and seen a lot.

"I was the interim acting county administrator in Escambia for six or seven months. But I've been in the public works field, department director positions. Military I've been in command of very large units" said Halfhill.

But it's his first full time permanent administrator position. Halfhill says the application process was unique.

"It was not the traditional interview. It was everything from name the five county commissioners. Or another commissioner says tell me about their background not mine. Fortunately I did my homework, I did my reading. And some of it was just conversation. It was a personality interview" said Halfhill.

And how do you keep 5-bosses happy? Halfhill says keeping each other informed is the key to a thriving county. In fact, one of his primary goals is to talk to residents about what they want.

"Just sit back and listen. I'm not ready to form an opinion about things right now. Listen and develop my own opinion and then discuss it with the person who is dealing with the subject" said Halfhill.

And that, he hopes, will lead to more public participation.

"Don't sit back and complain about the government. There are all kinds of ways to get involved. There are committees, there are projects. There's working with the county commissioners, your representatives. All kinds of ways to influence what you see happening" said Halfhill.

Halfhill has more than twenty years of government experience, and says he's eager to get to work.