New Weather System Helps Walton County Farmers

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The Florida Automated Weather Network or FAWN is helping farmers and agriculture enthusiasts get the most out of their crops.

"It's really a weather station geared towards farmers, even gardeners. But even just regular folks can get a lot of information off of that" said Walton County Extension Director Mike Goodchild.

The FAWN system, purchased by the University of Florida at no cost to the county, measures ground temperature, outdoor conditions and even water evaporation.

"You not only get the temperature you get the soil temperature which is critical certain times of the year for farmers and gardeners to know when to plant their seeds and when they'll germinate" said Goodchild.

When it comes to farming losing crops to the weather can cost thousands of dollars. But with this new weather system installed residents can access maps and temperatures for effective crop management.

"It's local and you get a lot more information than you might get from your radio station or the airport you know has weather and it's located right in the heart of our farming community" said Goodchild.

Anyone can access the weather station and all of its features by just going online and looking up the term fawn. The extension office of University of Florida in Defuniak Springs manages the weather station. University tech support does routine maintenance every two months.