New Year's Resolution For Weight Loss

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PANAMA CITY - Everyone has been guilty of not following through on a New Year's resolution. No matter if it's being a better person or giving more time and money to charities, or the big one -- weight loss.

It seems to be a story done in the news every year. Multiple people have said perseverance and patience are keys to keeping your own promises.

Without fail, it happens every year to a majority of Americans. They make resolutions to lose weight and get in better shape then sign up for gym memberships only to give up a few weeks or months into the new year. Hundreds of dollars down the drain.

Like anything worthwhile it takes time though to see results and doesn't happen over night but in today's instant gratification age, discouragement comes easy.

Richard Garcia, a personal trainer at Panama City Health Club & Spa had some tips on what you can be done in addition to working out to speed up the process a bit and avoid the urge to quit, "Just remember, don't starve yourself because that never works, your body will adjust to that. Um, properly, try and increase the number of meals you eat throughout the day. It actually makes it easier for you. That's ideal and of course just remember it's not a sprint, it's a long term lifestyle change. Incorporate classes if possible because training in groups, a lot of time, will help motivate you and keep you motivated."

Garcia has been at Panama City Health Club and Spa for three years and has had successful clients who have lost hundreds of pounds just by being serious about losing weight and having the drive. Classes let you get to know people with the same goal as you and may even help give you some accountability.

Michele Hartzog, the General Manager had even more advice, "Consistency. Change up your workout. Make sure you're not overdoing it. Incorporate cardio with strength training. Even on days that you've worked a long day, make sure that you come in. Just getting here is the biggest part. Once you do the workout, you're glad you did it."

Many gyms provide a wide variety of classes in addition the main gym. They also have a number of extras and amenities to make it seem less like a chore and more fun. Some are even open 24 hours.

Hartzog added, "We have the workout towels, the shower towels. All you have to do is show up with your gym clothes, work out, and head to work."

Panama City Health Club and Spa, along with other gyms work with a number of local businesses to provide discounted corporate rates.