New Wal-Mart location may open in Panama City Beach

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It appears Panama City Beach could soon be home to a second Wal-Mart store.

Panama City Beach officials are confirming Wal-Mart executives are interested in opening a new store near Pier Park.

They're considering the southeast corner of Powell Adams Road and Back Beach Road, next to the Target store at Pier Park.

Wal-Mart has submitted a preliminary traffic study to the city. Beach officials say that's usually the first step in the process, before submitting a site plan.

"When the national corporations are getting ready to submit, they usually take care of that first to see how involved the traffic study would be. Sometimes it can be 5 pages long, sometimes it's 100 pages long. So they like to know that up front so they can go ahead and get the package finalized for submittal," said Panama City Beach Director of Building and Planning, Mel Leonard.

The new store would reportedly be about three-quarters the size of the beach Wal-Mart at Front Beach and Middle Beach Roads, which will remain open.

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