Newpoint Bay High School Rises to the Challenge

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This time last year, Newpoint Bay High School had just received its third consecutive D grade and was facing a possible shutdown. This year, it’s an entirely different story.

"Over the last four years we have really focused on our students and their needs” said Jennifer St. Germain. “They have finally shown what we all along knew they could do."

And what the staff and students of Newpoint did was earn a B grade.

"We missed making a C by one point, so that was heartbreaking last year,” said Germain. “This year we're gonna have a celebration when the kids return back from break. It just feels awesome."

The school made some significant changes in curriculum and classroom activities, laying a more substantial foundation for students. Many were unfamiliar with the standardized testing they faced in high school.

"The first year, I feel like it was kinda a learning experience for the teachers as well,” said Dalton Heap, a 2012 graduate of Newpoint. “After that they kinda knew what the students needed help with, what they could do to improve."

Because of a smaller enrollment, Newpoint wasn’t held to the same grading standard as other area high schools. Regardless, both school and district officials say the achievement is a huge step in the right direction.

Bay, Mosley, and Arnold high schools also received a B grade.

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