NewsChannel 7 Auction Raises $13,100 for Salvage Santa, Plus Matching Funds from the Purse Maker

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The Salvage Santa program, which was started 27 years ago by Mike Jones, is $26,200 richer this morning following a NewsChannel 7 eBay auction of the famous purse belonging to Bay County School Board member Ginger Littleton.

Last week’s school board shooting incident drew national attention to several of the school board officials, including board member Ginger Littleton.

Her attempt to disarm Clay Duke, the gunman, by hitting him with her Brahmin purse, was unsuccessful. But many believe her action to help fellow board members was extremely courageous.

Mrs. Littleton agreed to let NewsChannel 7 auctioned off the purse on eBay with the proceeds going to another hero of the day, Mike Jones and his Salvage Santa project.

The eBay bidding ended Wednesday night at 7:55 PM with the top bid of $13,100 coming from Santa Claus. And Santa Claus told us he wanted the purse to remain with Mrs. Middleton for her heroic efforts, maybe even put it on display somewhere in the School Board headquarters to remind everyone of the heroism that was shown that fateful day.

Moments later after the top bid from Santa Claus had been confirmed, Brahmin, The New England hand bag company, announced it will match the $13,100 bid in the NewsChannel 7 Auction to bring the grand total to $26,200.

In a statement released late Wednesday night, James Bunn, Chief Marketing Officer of Brahmin said “In recognition of Mrs. Littleton’s tremendous courage in taking action to stand up for others while risking her own life, Brahmin is proud to support her wonderful initiative to raise funds for charity.

Brahmin is a family owned manufacturing company in Fairhaven, Massachusetts that produces high quality handbags for women around the world.

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