Newspaper Uncovers Possible Evidence In Area Death

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is investigating some evidence uncovered by a local newspaper, The County Record, in-connection with the Tranum McLemore suicide case in Bristol.

County Record Newspaper news editor Kelli Peacock Dunn says she's turned-over proof to FDLE agents that one of the witnesses lied to them during his interview.

Official reports show 41-year-old Michael Collins admitted he was having an affair with Winter McLemore at the time her husband committed suicide. Collins had been an employee with the Washington County Health Department's Teen Outreach Program fighting teen pregnancy, a job that required him to travel.

But travel and cell phone records, obtained by the newspaper, show Collins was not necessarily where he claimed he was working.

Peacock-Dunn also contends he carried-on personal relationships with women while on taxpayer travel expense money.

The records also allegedly show Collins was not where he claimed to be on the night Tranum McLemore died, and that he had more contact with Winter McLemore during that time period than he admitted to FDLE agents.

Liberty County sheriff's investigators ruled Tranum McLemore shot himself 3-times on the night of April 4th, Sheriff’s deputies found him dead in the couple's Bristol home.

Last month FDLE agents released their report concluding McLemore's shooting was neither suicide nor murder, but inconclusive. They also stated that unless new evidence surfaces, they consider the case closed.

There's no word if these new developments involving Collins will have any bearing on Tranum McLemore's death.

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