No Decision made for New City Hall for DeFuniak Springs

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A project that seemed too good to be true could come to an end for the City of DeFuniak Springs.

But Mayor Bob Campbell, who has been a supporter of the project since day one, is still hopeful the city can reach a decision with a retail company interested in buying City Hall.

"I am hoping that will change because I have heard a great deal from the public,” said Mayor Campbell. “People very excited, not just in DeFuniak, but all across the county. The first question everyone asks about, “what about those new businesses coming in?”

Campbell says the negotiations came to a halt after the company brought out an engineer to survey the property.

The engineer is concerned steep hills behind city hall could be a problem.

Some City Council members thought that would be the end of the deal.

But Campbell is still working on a solution.

"We could give them another acre of property by simply removing some earth,” said Campbell.

Downtown business owners are torn.

Some see the sale as a waste of time and money.

Others feel it will benefit the area.

"It really helps with businesses coming in, so that people see what we have in the downtown area and will utilize our local businesses,” said Business Owner Barbara Chilcutt.

Campbell says he's not sure when the council will take up the proposal again.

He says he's hoping residents will voice their opinions.