Nonprofit Gives Safe Haven to Wounded Warriors and Horses

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As a Wounded Warrior, Jim Bryan, like so many others deals with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

He found his relief by training and working with horses him and his family have rescued throughout the years.

Bryan thought if these animals could help him, they could help others with the same problems.

From there came the Safe Haven Horse Rescue Center.

"We have six in the Wounded Warrior Program,” said Jim Bryan, Founder of the Safe Haven Horse Rescue Center. “We also have a minature horse, that we use for the disabled and we take to rest homes."

But training these horses to work with the Wounded Warriors and the disabled isn't easy.

A majority of the horses are under the age of three.

Also, many were neglected or abused, but the hard work is all for a good cause.

"It is very inspirational to see them come out and relax, enjoy and unwind and have a good time out here petting the animals and just relaxing,” said Brittany Coplen, Head Rider for the Organization.

The Bryan Family also brings in a trainer once a month for the horses.

But this trainer is unlike any other.

"Nick Smith is a quadriplegic,” said Bryan. “Nick Smith has offered is time to train horses here for the wounded warrior program and this is him training one of our horses."

For Bryan it is about expanding the organization to help those find that safe haven.

The Safe Haven Horse Rescue Center is a nonprofit organization.

The Bryan Family receives some donations, but pays for the majority of the training and upkeep of the animals.