Destin Completes Phase One of Norriego Point Stabilization

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DESTIN-- After months of work, phase one of the Norriego Point Stabilization project is finally complete.

But it's just a stepping stone to secure the point and transform it into a better recreational area for residents and tourists.

After a decade-long battle with shifting sands and erosion, phase one of the Norriego Point recreation area in Destin has been completed.

"Along with the stabilization project we placed about 200 meters of sheet piling on the sand, and then put a concrete cap on the sheet piling, perpendicular to the t-groin, which helps keep the sand in place, especially during the heavy storms," City of Destin Engineer David Campbell said.

Heavy rain and spring storms also delayed parts of phase one.

And Campbell says he's excited that portion is complete,

But now the City of Destin's engineering department's main priority is finalizing phase two and fixing the long-term damage on Norriego Point.

"What we will accomplish with the final phase of Norriego Point is a footprint of Norreigo Point from 1999. The project will stabilize the tip of the point, will stabilize the harbor side and it will stabilize the east side," Campbell said.

The City of Destin funded the first phase.

But for phase two the city is hoping for more than $10 million in funds from the Natural Resources Damage Assessment Program.

"The actual NRDA funding is actually recreational based funding," Campbell said.

Destin officials say the NRDA funding is still being processed and won't be available until the fall.

They hope to begin construction sometime in January, which they say could take a year to complete.