North Bay Haven Charter Academy Integrating Technology Into Classrooms

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LYNN HAVEN-- The bell will ring for the first time at North Bay Haven Charter Academy on August 19.

More than a thousand students are already enrolled at the new 24 acre campus. "We're trying to raise the bar, for education. We want students to be challenged in a deeper level," said Dr. Tim Kitts, North Bay Haven.

Dr. Tim Kitts says 97 classrooms will be equipped with smart boards. Developers modeled the school after Bok Academy in Central Florida.

"Lake Wales has been a strong model for using high levels of technology and integrating it into the instructional process." Students will learn using iPads or tablets.

Teachers said they've been using this technology since the school opened. "Not at all difficult, It's the way we do things outside of school, It's the way we expect them to do when they go into the work force," said Kristi Kiefer, teacher.

"They can take the textbooks, on the iPads and give the students and to give them interactive feedback and conduct the lesson simultaneously in a two directional format."

The 97,000 square foot building will host 24 technology mentors to help teachers. School officials said the increase in technology and extra curricular activities enhances the students' experience.

"We have more rigor, we have more relevance, and we have a higher level of relationship with students so that they can have a better understanding of why they're being educated this way for their future."

Construction is also underway on the 27,000 square foot gym. Kitts expects it to be finished by mid October. Dr. Kitt's said the location of the facility is perfect for conducting science experiments in the neighboring bayou.

There are 16 acres across from campus that school officials hope to use for athletics. The school's board plans to build an elementary school on the same property that will open in three years.