North Bay Haven Language Arts Teacher Wins Golden Apple Award

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Panama City - This week's Golden Apple award winner teaches 8th grade language arts at North Bay Haven Charter Academy in Panama City. Brenda Fondren was nominated by a student who says her energy and enthusiasm is a great way to jump start the day.

For these North Bay Haven 8th graders, first hour with Mrs.Fondren is never dull. "She is bright in the morning, she comes to work energized," said 8th grader Shawna Schaefer who nominated Mrs. Fondren. Mrs. Fondren uses the latest technology to teach language arts in a way that resonates with students. "Mrs. Fondren is a teacher who knows pushes herself to learn new things for the benefit of her students and it shows in her classroom. She is implementing strategies that are new to her and just right for the kids she teaches. It makes all the difference," said North Bay Haven Principal Meredith Higgins.

"I do not like to do the same thing over and over again. I'm constantly looking for new ways to engage my children, sometimes that is through technology, sometimes that is through a book or a lesson. We try to be innovative and creative and find unique ways to meet their needs so they can learn," said Mrs. Fondren.

Students say it's working. "Everything we do in class seems so fun," said 8th grader Timothy Jansen. For Mrs. Fondren, the goal is create lifelong learners. "Reading and writing we'll use throughout our life so I want them to take that beyond the classroom. They are all about to go to high school, it's very important that they know how to communicate with people. But also that they enjoy the world around them through reading and writing," said Mrs. Fondren.

Congratulations to Mrs. Fondren, this week's Golden Apple award winning teacher. "She is an awesome teacher," said Shawna.