Northwest Florida Sees Increase in Gun Sales

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Post-election talk of stricter gun laws has some heading to the stores to stock up on firearms.

"Obviously guns are dangerous but it depends on whose hands they're in. So if it's in law abiding citizens hands they're perfectly safe. If there in the wrong hands they're dangerous" said Fritz Herrington.

Some people believe Barack Obama will push congress to enact new gun control laws. So they're buying guns now, before they can't.

"We've seen an increase all year but after election we've seen probably a double amount in business" said Roy Majors.

"So it's great for sales right now, if you're in the gun market it's great for sales but as far as, do we think there's going to be an immediate change, no because it has to go through a lot of legal procedures and a lot of laws have to be changed to implement that” said Fritz Herrington.

"Yea I might make a few more dollars now but i look down the road at the big picture to me it's not good” said Roy Majors.

President Bill Clinton signed the first assault weapons ban in 1994, which outlawed nearly 20 types of military-style assault weapons.
But congress did not reauthorize the act after the 10-year expiration in 2004.

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