Oakland Terrace Elementary Hosts Parent Camp

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PANAMA CITY - Oakland Terrace Elementary parents are taking away some important life lessons from administrators, teachers, and law enforcement.

On Saturday, more than a couple hundred of parents and their children attended the school's first parent camp. They signed up for several different seminars including reading, math, and drama.

Before they broke out into those sessions, Lieutenant Myron Guilford from the Bay County Sheriff's Office told parents how to look out for gangs in the community. School administrators believe parents need to be aware of gang activity.

"With our community growing as it is, we just wanted to provide that resource for our parents to tell them what's going on in their community and what's going on in gangs. So we want to stop it in the elementary schools especially," said Deniece Moss of Oakland Terrace Elementary.

Parents also sat in seminars learning different techniques to help teach their children at home. Organizers plan to continue the parent camp next year.