Obesity Biggest Health Concern in Florida

If you have found yourself loosening your belt an extra notch lately, you are not alone. State Health officials say Obesity is the number one health risk, and a new study shows seven out of ten Floridians are overweight.

The State of Florida is at war against obesity. Catherine Howard with the Department of Health says more people are becoming overweight at an alarming rate. “Children who start out at an unhealthy weight that are overweight and obese in childhood are much more likely to stay overweight or obese in adulthood.”

Currently only three out of ten Floridians are at a healthy weight. Florida State University Assistant Professor Doctor Michael Ormsbee says it’s a trend sweeping the nation. “If you can just eat according to your hunger, it helps a lot. We overfeed ourselves so much. We don’t need the Thanksgiving belly every time we eat.”

Florida is battling the bulge by introducing a new “Healthiest Weight” campaign. “It’s not so much the way people look, its how healthy are they?” “Six out of 10 children born today will be obese by the age of 18 if nothing is done to curb the current trend.”

Dr. Michael Ormsbee/FSU Assistant Professor say everyone can change no matter their weight or waist size. “We don’t need to be perfect, but if you can be consistent with your eating patterns and consistent with your exercise. If you have a bad day, its okay. Just get back on track the next day.”

Currently one out of four adults is obese and 62 percent of Floridians are considered overweight or obese.

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