Off to the Races

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. The race to be Florida’s next Governor is heating up. Incumbent Rick Scott today named his campaign team after naming a running mate earlier this week. The top two contenders are fighting over who did what to the economy.

For almost a year, Governor Rick Scott has been drawing a contrast between the economy now and before he took office. "Record high unemployment and a downward spiral of job losses."

In Orlando in September Scott went so far to say that despite the national economy, Different leadership would have keep Florida out of the great recession. "We shouldn't have had the down turn. We shouldn't have lost those 832 thousand jobs before I became governor."

Rick Scott never mentions the Governor before him, he's clearly trying to contrast what happened to the economy when Charlie Crist was Governor and what's happened sense.

Crist came back to the Capital city this week to raise money. He called the idea that he was responsible for the recession ”beyond Belief”. "It's just absurd, it's laughable. And if they try to sell that to people, people are smarter than that."

Both sides are gearing up for a brutal battle. And while many political candidates often come across as different shades of gray, this race promises strong contrasts.

Charlie Crist says, "I would change everything he's doing and get back... get Florida back on track. I would have approved the bullet train. You know, these kind of things would have provided tens of thousands of jobs and he's the job's governor? I could go on and on but I got to visit some nice people."

Money also appears to be no object. Incumbent Scott banked about 25 million over the last year, while Crist has brought in four million in two months.

Scott has tagged GOP State Senate powerhouse John Thrasher to be his campaign chair. Scott’s communications director of the last 15 months, Melissa Sellers, will run the Scott campaign.

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