Officers Patrol Streets on Halloween for Registered Sex Offenders

Many parents sent their kids out onto the streets Wednesday to enjoy Halloween. Some went along, others didn’t.

But even those kids who went without their parents were not alone. Local authorities were going door-to-door checking on the county’s 366 registered sex offenders.

By law, sex offenders cannot decorate their homes for Halloween, give out candy, or have any contact with children.

The probation officers, Panama City police officers and Bay County Sheriff’s Deputies spent the night making sure those offenders were following the rules.

"It's a good thing, I think, that we very rarely have anybody in violation of their orders because, we stay on top of them. The Sheriff's office stays on top of them with their checks. And, the offenders know that it's pretty much zero tolerance. If they're around kids, they're going to face the consequences," said Correctional Probation Supervisor Randy Windom.

Authorities’ say all of the offenders they spot checked were abiding by the law and did not commit any violations.