Officials Break Ground on Downtown Marina

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Panama City officials broke ground on the long awaited, $13 million downtown marina project Thursday afternoon.

Shovels in the sand mean the start of a mega makeover for the Panama City downtown marina.

"I'm like a new dad," CRA Director William Whitson said laughing. :I'm on cloud nine and this is such a great moment in history for our city."

Officials are overjoyed to being the journey, taking their plans from diagrams to reality.

"Over the years it's continually been the focus of renewal and continuation of that commerce and recreation," said Panama City commissioner John Kady.

"We want to try to be all things to all people if possible," said Panama City mayor Greg Brudnicki. "There'll be a lot of things here available on the water that we just haven't had in the past."

These things include a lighthouse and other amenities to attract tourists. The project also includes landscaping and repairs to the seawall.

Speaking on the visual changes that residents can suspect, Whitson only had this to say, "they're gonna be very dramatic because we're gonna rearrange the pieces down here."

While officials broke ground today, the real fireworks will happen after the 4th of July with the project's expected finish date being April 2016.

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