Officials Close to Solution For Callaway Odor

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CALLAWAY -- A toxic odor coming out of Veterans Park in Callaway continues to be a problem. The issue centers on whether Bay County or Callaway is financially responsible, both sides are close to a solution.

Less finger pointing and more cooperation as officials from Bay County, Callaway, Parker, and Springfield get closer to fixing a toxic odor problem at Veterans Park.

The sewage lift station at the park is jointly owned by those representatives. The toxic odor is hydrogen sulfide and county officials say at one point levels reached 13 times the amount they should be.

Callaway's recently hired engineering firm, Webster environmental, claims the levels they've seen are fairly common.

Bay County Commissioner Guy Tunnell said, "There is some danger there for at least the people that are working in that environment so it's something that we got to move to correct."

Callaway Mayor Thomas Abbott said, "You never want to say never but he doesn't see an immediate health risk or any immediate danger based on those levels of hydrogen sulfide."

Webster managers didn't give any recommendations on who is at fault yet. County officials are already moving ahead with repairing the wet well at the lift station.

New estimates say the cost is now $350,000 down from $600,000 dollars before. Both Callaway and county officials are hoping to resolve the issue soon.

"We have a vested interest in this being right and I can assure you that Callaway is going to be a part of the financial fix and we're going to be a fair part,” Abbot said.

"I think that's the important part now is that we correct it and then we decide who's going to do what, who's going to pay for it, who's fault it is, if that's necessary,” Tunnell said.

Officials expect to meet again in early April to decide who is financially responsible for the Veterans Park issue.