Officials Estimate 600 Miles of Road Damage in Washington County

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Vernon- By Friday, the nightmare was still not over in Washington County.

"It's still raining now", Washington County Point of Contact, David Corbin said while standing in the rain, shaking his head.

But by that point, it was hard to imagine any more damage could be done.

"It impacted our dirt roads tremendously" he said. "All dirt roads have been impacted in Washington County."

An estimated 600 miles worth of damage."We're going to evaluate, do a damage assessment, seek help- and we'll take it one road at a time" he told us.

"Problem is" Washington County District 2 Commissioner, Joel Pate added, "this was not in the budget. So we're going to have a tight budget and do some innovative thinking to solve these problems."

Pate estimated just one of the several spots on Clemens Street would cost $70,000 to fix. Worse yet he told us, "we can show you several of them like [Clemens Street] and roads that are worse washed out than this."

"It's going to take a long period of time", Corbin said. "You've got a lot of environental impacts we're looking at, permits- there's a lot of hoops to jump through."

And Pate told us those 'hoops' probably wouldn't be cheap.

"I'm not any expert" he said, "but I've done a lot of highway designs, and I've never seen anything like this. So based on some of the ones we've had before, this could run into $3 or $4 million."

A tough pill for budget crunching commssioners to swallow, but Friday, officials told us their primary concern was for the safety of their citizens.

"Folks, if you dont have to get out and ride these roads, especially where they've been washed out, please do not do that" Pate pleaded. "And, if you need help call the EOC office and we'll get you help."

The Washington County Emergency Management number is (850) 638- 6203

Also, the Red Cross Shelter relocated to Abigail Free Will Baptist Church on Dawkin Street in Vernon.

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