Oil Churned Up by Isaac Will Be Cleaned up

Parts of the Gulf Coast are still trying to clean up after Hurricane Isaac blew through a couple of weeks ago. Now BP says it will lend a hand.

Officials with BP announce a new plan to clean-up new debris from the Deepwater Horizon spill that has surfaced after Isaac.

The head of BP’s clean-up and restoration team says the company is ready to clean up any remnants from the 2010 spill that may have the washed ashore.

Mike Ulster of BP Gulf Coast Restoration says all they are waiting for is the go-ahead from federal officials. “The shoreline clean up assessment team are evaluating where and what appropriate clean-up and recovery materials seen are. And they will determine the scope of what work needs to be done in order to allow us to progress those segments back to a condition under the FOSC'S direction as having achieved that shoreline clean-up plan."

F.O.C.’s he referred to are Federal On Scene Coordinators.

Some of the remnants of the weathered oil have been seen after Isaac passed on northwest Florida beaches from Pensacola east to Walton County.

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