Okaloosa Co. Continues Ban on Backyard Chickens

OKALOOSA COUNTY-- Okaloosa County Commissioners will continue the ban on allowing backyard chickens in residential areas.

Earlier this week, Commissioner Nathan Boyles brought the ordinance up for discussion, after an Okaloosa Co. resident was hit with heavy fines for having chickens in her back yard.

Boyles thought bringing this topic to the table would help, as he says, "Reduce the regulation and oversight by government."

However he was unable to get any of the other commissioners to look into making some changes to this ordinance.

"Unfortunate, their opposition arose from their childhood memories of chickens," Boyles said. "I thought that was a very unfortunate approach for them to take, in fact one of my commissioners says, he was raised on a farm and doesn't like chickens, and he doesn't want to live next to chickens, and therefore he wouldn't support the ordinance. In my view this issue isn't about us, and our personal preferences as commissioners."

Boyles say he will continue to work with staff, and bring this topic up for discussion in the future.