Okaloosa County EOC Monitors Potential Regional Emergencies

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The Emergency Operations center or “EOC” has an immense responsibility during a man-made or natural disaster.

"Well our role is like I say support for all the responders that are out there and support for all the community" said Emergency Management Coordinator Ken Wolfe.

"Where in the department of public safety there are different divisions. You have the emergency medical services. You have 911 communications. Beach safety. Correction falls under the department. Emergency Management. So there are several different divisions under the department of public safety but we all work together" said Chief Emergency Manager Randy McDaniel.

Part of that teamwork includes planning for emergency situations.

"So we base our planning then on what is most likely to occur to the least likely. And then we decide what resources we need. We put those plans together and coordinate those plans with other agencies because we're tasking agencies outside of emergency management" said McDaniel.

The EOC also has a mapping program that notifies the public of dangerous situations like the brooks bridge barge accident on Okaloosa Island last week.

"So we use that mapping interface and highlight the entire island and all the streets to make sure we got them all and tell it to update. It will tell us how many phones calls are going out and it will call all the phones in that area" said Wolfe.

Two years ago Okaloosa County's EOC moved into a newer facility to play a larger role in task management. Emergency personnel train to respond to anything from an apartment fire to a major hurricane.