Okaloosa County Sheriff's Investigators Search for Suspects in Apartment Shooting

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At midnight Sunday law enforcement responded to thirty-two year-old Paris Matthews’ Rene Lynn Apartment complex in Fort Walton Beach.

"What we gathered from witnesses was that there was a knock on the door around midnight. Mr. Matthews opened the door and at that point two men barged in. One of them shot him once in the upper body" said Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Department PIO Michele Nicholson.

Paramedics rushed Matthews to the hospital where doctors declared him dead. Matthews’ neighbors are still reluctant to talk about the crime, because no one knows the identity of the suspects.

"We have a little bit of a description that was there was two black males. They were wearing hoodies. And that both of them had their lower faces covered and at this point that is about the extent of the description that we have" said Nicholson.

Matthews' girlfriend was inside the apartment at the time of the shooting. She too is scared and wants to hid her identity.

"All of a sudden I hear a boom. I immediately jump off the bed. The game I had in my hand slid on floor. First place i thought to go was the closet" said Girlfriend.

She says she wants justice for the love of her life.

"Whoever was outside and saw whoever it was. Where they went. If they got in a car. Just come forward because anybody who knew Paris in Fort Walton, they knew he didn't deserve that" said Girlfriend.
If you have any information about this case, please call the Okaloosa County Sheriff's office at