Okaloosa County TDC Recommend New Members

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The three member committee chosen to select six new members for the Okaloosa County TDC believes they have done just that.

"So the first round we went and tried to identify candidates for the three four year terms. And those terms of course are split between representatives from the lodging industry and representatives from the tourism industry" said TDC Director Dan O’Byrne.

Tuesday the committee completed its second round by choosing three members for two year terms. Committee member Kelly Windes says he and his colleagues had their own considerations during the selection process.

"I just want somebody with some longevity in the area that knows the business and can maybe direct some of this marketing and advertising." "it's been a really great experience for me I got to be familiar at least with thirteen or fourteen people who submitted their résumé's and showed their interest in this so it was really exciting" said Okaloosa County Commissioner Kelly Windes.

One of those candidates, Joe Guidry, says he is honored to have been selected.

"I've been involved with the county for twenty years now and the marketing aspects of it. It's an exciting period for us. It could be a real growth period and I wanted to be involved" said Guidry.

The five other candidates are Dale Peterson, Thomas Rice, Michael Bass, Daniel Empson and Thom Gossom Jr. The Okaloosa County commission will vote on final approval of the new members next Tuesday.