Okaloosa County Teen on Hit TV Show

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When you ask a child what they want to be when they grow up, you'll hear a wide variety of answers, but not many get the chance to fulfill their dreams.

However, for one aspiring actor from Fort Walton Beach, those dreams are becoming a reality - and his career is heating up.

Cody Sullivan knew what he wanted to do from childhood according to his mother, Valerie Sullivan.

"He said, 'mom I want to be an actor,' and I'm sitting here thinking, 'he's 8 he doesn't know what he wants' but after watching multiple plays and his focus and how things grew, I started realizing maybe we need to do something about this."

When he was 11, the family packed up and moved to Hollywood. Now 14, Cody's passion s growing into a career. Sullivan was chosen earlier this year for a guest appearance in NBC's new drama "Chicago Fire."

"We got the call about a month later and said it's down to you and one other kid," Cody recalls, "we basically had 5 hours notice and I was like, 'this is so cool' but we got on a plane, we flew to Chicago, and started filming and it is awesome."

Sullivan says he only has one rule for himself - when it stops being fun, get out of the business.

"I don't care about being famous. I want to do this because...I want to do this. It's...I love making new friends, I love doing, I love writing, I love everything about it."

Chicago Fire runs on NBC at 9 pm CST on Wednesdays.

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