Okaloosa County Transit Giving Free Rides on Veterans Day

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"This is actually the first year we have done a Veterans Day promotion,” said Lani Birchett, Okaloosa County Board of Commissioners Transit Manager. “We will be closed Veterans Day, so that is why we are doing it the day after."

On Tuesday, Okaloosa County Transit will give free rides to Veterans to say thanks for their service.

"Just knowing that we have a large Veteran population in Okaloosa County, it is just something we thought we would do,” said Birchett.

Okaloosa County is home to 34,000 Veterans and surviving spouses.

"For some Veterans, the Okaloosa County Transit System is all they have,” said Beatrice Love-More, Director of the Okaloosa County Veteran Services. “Just to have a day where they can do their shopping, go to their place of employment or get to the VA medical clinic free of charge is wonderful.

Love-More says this is just another way the community supports their veterans; support they always appreciate.

"For the most part they are happy with the county providing a service free of charge,” said Love-More. “Most of the time they will ask how much something is and you just say all I need is a smile.”

Okaloosa County Transit has also decided to open up this free ride for the public in honor of Veterans Day.