Okaloosa TDC Begins Search For New Council Members

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The Okaloosa TDC hopes to have six new board members by next month.

"Three or four of those members for whom we're looking must come from the lodging industry within Okaloosa County. They are the collectors of the tax and so obviously have a stake in all the promotional efforts that we do and they're our partners in collecting the bed tax money" said TDC Director Dan O’Byrne.

The remaining seats will go to people associated with the local tourism industry.

"Since we're populating all six seats at once it's a little interesting in that we're going to introduce staggered terms. So three of the seats will have four year terms and three of the seats will have two year terms" said O’Byrne.

A member of the county board of commissioners, public works and TDC Director Dan O'Byrne will serve as the selection committee. O'Byrne believes the process is a proactive approach by the t-d-c and the county.

"I hope people are beginning to see that we're making real progress on that front. We may not be there yet but we're making real progress on that front so the future is very bright in terms of the community and development council getting back to what we're supposed to do from the very beginning" said O’Byrne.
The TDC will be accepting applications until March 22nd and is encouraging a diverse group to apply.