Old Airport Prepares for New Tenant

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If things go according to plan, residents of Bay County could see some activity by the old airport which has been closed for several years.

The project, planned to span over 30 years, looks to bring in over 3,000 residential units and 700,000 square feet of commercial space.

"We're very positive and excited about the possibilities that this development brings to the community and the opportunities it brings to the community," said assistant city manager, Jeffrey Brown.

"As far as new subdivisions go, this is probably the first subdivision of this size probably in decades," said planning director, Mike Lane.

Monday, the developer will make a presentation to the planning board and soon after will go to the city commission to discuss the first phase, including close to 275 homes.

Officials with the city say the developer is also working to plan ways to ensure that traffic doesn't become an issue once things begin to get more active in the space, especially once stores begin to move in.