War Hero Visits Tyndall AFB

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BAY COUNTY-- Dozens of people waited patiently to meet one of their heroes.

"Colonel North represents the military, even though he was a marine, his time spent on forces. He's kind of a heroes to a lot of military,” said Bill Whittenberger.

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Oliver north recently released a book called "Counterfeit Lies" and stopped at Tyndall air force base for a book signing Saturday afternoon.

"It's kind of a homecoming, you know for guys who travel around in the service as much as I did. This is great,” said Oliver North, Lieutenant colonel.

North says one of his favorite parts about touring is greeting service members with photos of themselves posing with him during his trips oversees.

"After doing this for 13 years now and 57 embeds a lot of those pictures,” North said.

North's new book tells the story about a veteran undercover FBI agent investigating a smuggling ring in southern California when his assignment is cut short.

The agent is plunged into the underworld of North Korean espionage.

North says the fictional novel has basis in real life events and facts.

"You will hear after Ramadan starts, an announcement made by our government that we've done a deal with Iran to stop the nuclear weapons program. Those are the guys that get it and the way they get it is right there in this book,” North said.