One Slightly Used Truck For Sale

A local man's afternoon “on” the Bay turned into an afternoon "in" the Bay.

The man was trying to launch his boat at the Panama City Marina boat ramp. As he was backing down the ramp, the boat began to float free of the trailer.

He says he jumped out of his truck to secure the boat. But he apparently neglected to put his truck in "park", leaving it in reverse.

He was able to save the boat. But his Chevy Silverado wound-up submerged at the end of the ramp. Some scuba divers hooked cables to the truck, then a wrecker pulled it out of the water.

Sgt. Jon Morris of the P.C.P.D. says it happens periodically. “Pretty much with any boating safety, you want to make sure that you're vehicles are properly secured, that your vehicle is in park, that you haven't backed down too far onto the boat ramp. Also, sometimes the surfaces of these boat ramps can be real slippery. That can cause your vehicles to slip and slide."

Police say this type of incident is more common than you might think. Apparently the marina boat ramp is a little steeper than the average ramp.

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