Baby Recovers After Near-Drowning Incident

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BAY COUNTY -- A Southport family is still recovering from the shock of a near tragedy.

Their 1-year-old son nearly drowned on Easter Sunday.

Local authorities are hoping people will learn from the incident.
Mary Williams was enjoying family time on Easter when she noticed her son was not around.

One year old Aidyn had managed to get outside.

They believe the boy crawled through a pet door.

Family members found him unconscious in the swimming pool.

Williams’ sister, who is a registered nurse, reacted immediately.

Aidyn’s mother Mary Williams said," She just scooped him up from Michael’s hands and just started going to work on him. Like moving him all around."

Sister Melissa Edwards said, "I just started giving him CPR. I just did what I had to do. I took, took about five minutes and I finally heard him whimper and ems got there and here he is."

No matter how carefully you protect your children, accidents will happen. Authorities say it's important to know basic emergency procedures when events like this arise.

Bay County Sheriff Frank McKeithen said, "People could possibly fall in the water you know. Know CPR it's not hard to do. You could do it as a family type of thing. You could do it. But knowing emergency life-saving techniques is, could be worthwhile."

Williams says she's grateful to her sister for saving Aidyn’s life. And she's glad her son is now safe.

"I'm really happy that he's back with me, that he's good, that he's alive and happy,” said Williams.

She says they plan to enroll their son in an infant swimming resources class.

If you're interested in swimming classes for your child or yourself, or CPR classes, call the American Red Cross, at 763-6587.