Opponents Say Review of Voter Registration is "Vote Purge"

For years, Florida voters have been plagued with problems at the polls. Now Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner is traveling across the state to meet with local Supervisors of Elections.

Lisa Hall from the League of Women Voters said, “We’re encouraged that he’s working directly with the Supervisors of Elections because that’s where the rubber this the road.”

The League of Women Voters says the group has mixed reactions about the tour.

“We’re skeptical because the state really doesn’t have a good track record of doing this appropriately," said Hall.

Opponents held a phone conference Thursday morning to call the tour a “voter purge” and is a way to deny minorities the right to vote.

Allison Tant of the Florida Democratic Party said, “This is an effort by Rick Scott to send his lieutenant out to convince his Supervisors of Elections they need to do a purge.”

Detzner wasn’t available to talk on-camera, but in a press release he says “…it is my duty to defend the right to vote in Florida. Project Integrity will provide needed information on the process used to safeguard our voter rolls.”

“This is a waste of time and money. This is tax dollars being spent that’s unnecessary," said Tant.

The last time the state tried to track down non-eligible voters, it found 182-thousand potential non-citizens, the number was eventually reduced to fewer than 200.

Hall said, “They need to leave it to the Supervisor of Elections to do their job. They’re doing an outstanding job in Florida.“

The Secretary of State left his office in Tallahassee to kick off the tour in Panama City and his next stop is in Jacksonville.

The tour will go through October 9th.

Other stops along the tour include Orlando, Sarasota and Fort Lauderdale.