Lighthouse at Panama City Marina

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Panama City- Local organizations are making a push to build a lighthouse in Panama City's Marina.

The latest designs for the proposed lighthouse, make it more than just a landmark.
The Panama City Lighthouse Board and the Community Development Agency, which have spearheaded the project, want to build a fully functioning navigational tool.

"It'll be permitted through the Coast Guard. It would be visible all the way out to the island, about three miles out," said Panama City’s CRA Director William Whitson.

Commissioners will receive four new designs on Tuesday, each based on different funding levels ranging from $400,000 to one million.

"No one group is going to have all the funds so what we're talking about is collaborating between the city, the CRA, and the citizen group," said Whitson.

Group leaders believe the lighthouse, once open, may have a decent revenue stream itself.

The CRA will be showing the new designs during a meeting Tuesday, but they're hoping, with any luck, to break ground on the project next spring.

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