Overall Crime Down in Florida, up in Bay County

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement released the crime statistics for the first half of 2013, and crime was down from the same time period in 2012.

The number of violent crimes like murder, forcible sex offenses, robbery and aggravated assault, was down by 3.5%.

The report showed a 10.6% drop in murders, a 2% decrease in robberies and a 4.2% decrease in aggravated assaults.

Non-violent property crime like burglary, larceny and motor vehicle theft fell 5.5%.

Burglary is down 9.5%, larceny 3.7%.

The number of motor vehicle thefts decreased by 9.6%.

Meantime, the overall crime in Bay County is up by 4/10 of a percent.

Every category showed increases except for burglaries, which were down.

Hopefully crime is decreasing the second half of this year.

The FDLE is releasing the annual numbers next spring.